Thursday, October 13, 2005

STEER Convention

The annual STEER Convention was held last weekend, October 7 & 8. STEER is a program designed to help farmers and ranchers provide funds for missions. STEER provides a Cow/Calf for a rancher. The rancher then raises the calf. When the calf is sold the funds from the sale of the calf go to the missions organization of the ranchers choice. AFLC World Missions has received $141,440. from STEER since becoming a member.

Activities at the STEER Convention included:

  • Meet the missionaries, where missionaries and missions organizations representatives dressed in clothing from the nations in which they minister. They were then given an opportunity to describe their ministry.
  • Booths and displays where people could come and receive more information about a missions organization.
  • Informative speakers on missions subjects and inspirational services. One of these was Dr. Billy Kim, President of the Far East Broadcasting Company in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kim brought a children’s choir of approximately 60.

AFLC World Missions has 24 Cow/Calf units that have been purchased and are idle for ranchers to use supporting mission work for our Church. Would you open the gate and let one more calf into your pasture to win a soul for Christ? For more information call AFLC World Missions at 763-545-5631.

Volunteer Workers for Hurrican Relief

Many people from AFLC Churches have been interested in helping with rebuilding efforts, especially in the upcoming winter months. Builders Fellowship is attempting to identify and coordinate teams of volunteers from AFLC Congregations who desire to help.

Volunteers will be responsible for traveling to and from the site, food and lodging will be provided on the site. Partners in Missions (PIMO) has talked about making their bus available for this trips.

For more information contact Lavon Bohling at the AFLC, 763-545-5631.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Connely Dyrud - Missionary at Large

A number of people have asked how Carolyn Dyrud’s passing will affect Connely’s missionary plans. God knew His plans for Carolyn all along, and now we’re beginning to see how perfectly He coordinates the events of our lives.

When the Dyruds came home last year for furlough they requested to spend less time on the mission field and more time promoting and preparing others for missions. Their retirement would come up before they could complete their next tour of duty on the field. Therefore, the Dyrud’s were planning to spend less time on the mission field. This would enable the national church to ease into Connely’s responsibilities.

The Dyruds planned to divide their time between Minnesota and Brazil. While in the United States Connely was assigned to:

  • Promote missions in the United States
  • Prepare future missionaries by teaching at The Ministry Training Institute
  • Mentor future missionaries
  • Train pastors in India
  • Update the AFLC World Missions Policy Handbook.

We are now beginning to see a number of individuals who are called to serve in Missions. This schedule of duties will enable Connely to build a foundation of well trained missions workers for years to come.

All of this has worked out perfectly. God’s timing is now much clearer, even though we didn’t know about His plan to call Carolyn to heaven so quickly.