Friday, October 29, 2010

The Good Samaritan

Jore Family 0710This week in the Butagaya class I was teaching on the Good Samaritan.  The moral of the story is simple: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  As we were discussing the Good Samaritan, across the road a family was preparing for the funeral of their 16-year-old son.  He had been beaten to death the previous day for attempting to steal a machine for squeezing the juice from sugar cane (valued around $90).  Mob “justice” is a part of life here.

This week we saw a real-life example of one who loved his neighbor as himself.  Henry (not his real name), one of the students from Butagaya, had a friend whose wife was having complications 5 months into her pregnancy.  She was having labor pain (possibly miscarrying) for three days.  They had gone to the Main Hospital in Jinja which had refused to help them because they did not have enough money to pay.  Instead they referred them to a hospital in Kampala.  (Government hospitals are supposed to treat people for free, but don’t.)  Henry had gone and visited them in the Jinja Hospital and then went with them to Kampala.  He offered to care for their 1 ½ year old son while they sought to get the help they needed in Kampala.  As things turned out, the mom and baby both died and the grieving husband was faced with the task of transporting the body back for burial.  Henry managed to help him find a place for burial and helped with the expenses as well. He is continuing to look after his friend's son until he is in a place and position to care for him again. Henry has sacrificed his time, energy and finances this week as he has so beautifully loved his neighbor as himself.

Thank you for your prayers for our family. Please pray too for the widowed husband. He is an unbeliever and we are praying that he would come to know Christ as he is seeing selfless and sacrificial love modeled to him through Henry. 

We appreciate you all so much!

Nate and Rhoda Jore

Update from Nate Olson & Jon Nelson

clip_image002We have a lot to rejoice in looking back on this last year and all that the Lord has brought us through. In February we had come to the end of a six month waiting period for receiving our visa to come to Brazil. The Lord miraculously provided this visa for us February 11th, and by the 18th both of us finally started off on our mission for Brazil. This time of waiting turned out to be a major blessing in our life, and we have since seen how the Lord used this to bring everything into action in his perfect timing.

During the eight months that we were able to stay in Brazil, we were able to learn a lot and see the hand of the Lord move in a lot of situations. We were also able to be active in working in three different local congregations with youth and children’s ministry, leading in worship, preaching, and assisting in camp ministries. We also had the chance to work in the revision and construction of a training material for the church body in Brazil for the instruction and education of Free Lutheran doctrine for the churches here.

During this last month of October, we have really had a great month to finish in. We were able to have Nathan’s dad come down and spend two weeks with us here in Brazil, traveling and promoting the Ambassador Institute to the churches here. In that time, we were able to visit the churches in Londrina, Maringá, Curitiba, Campo Mourão, and Foz Igauçu to spend time ministering with them and talking with the pastors. We also attended and had the Manual Evangelico presented at the AILLB Annual Conference here in Brazil and the Manual was preliminarily approved by the board. We look forward to the Lord continuing to use that which we have worked on and labored with even past the time that we will be spending here.

The ministry in Brazil is very strong in many areas. The members of the churches are very open about their faith and it was refreshing for us to see this after coming from a culture that is not nearly as open about what they believe. The people here have a strong desire to make the church body here grow to its full potential. This is very evident with the active involvement that the people have in their local congregations. The desire to be involved in Sunday School, Youth Group, Bible Studies, Camp Ministries, and Evangelism all are a reflection of this. Though the ministry here still needs missionaries, with the leaders of today and looking to the leaders that we see tomorrow, we feel that the ministry here will do nothing but grow stronger as long as Christ is kept at the center and they are continually looking to Him and His Word.

We look to the book of Nehemiah, as the Israelites had finished building the broken wall of Jerusalem in fifty-two days. In Nehemiah 6:16, it is said of the Israelites that “they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of [their] God.” For the both of us, as we come to the end of our time here in Brazil, we truly have the same perception of the ministry here. Without the help and power of the Lord God Almighty, we would not have been able to accomplish that which we have done. We praise God for His work, His faithfulness, and for His provision for us during this time. May the Lord also continue to show you His faithfulness as He has shown it to us. We want to thank you for your prayers and support during our time here, knowing that this would not have been possible without the prayer partners we have in you

Our next needed prayer request would be for our 39 day trip home leaving November 1. For blog updates during our trip, please continue to follow us at where we will be posting updates along the journey. There, you may also find our itinerary of the trip which will be posted.

Only Jesus,

Jon Nelson and Nathan Olson

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nathan Olson–STA Newsletter


Continuing the Work

From February-November, 2010, I worked as an assistant for AFLC
World Missions in Brazil. While
there, I saw the need for support of the church leaders around the world. My goal is to equip those in need of biblically sound material and provide them with the resources that they need to become missionaries to their own people. The cost to support this
mission project is $15,000.

To read Nathan Olson’s complete newsletter click here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paul Abels’ Newsletter

imageWe are enjoying our fall travels through the Midwest. What beautiful weather we have had! That certainly parallels the warm reception we have had in all the churches we have visited. Thanks to all who have graciously welcomed us and listened to our story - the story of God's amazing work in the hearts and lives of the Brazilian people with whom we have had the privilege of working. Our travels will continue for two more months before we head back for Brazil and another term of missionary service. We both are a year older now and are feeling a bit of the stress of this "gypsy" lifestyle. Thanks for remembering us in prayer. God has kept us happy and healthy!

Click here to read the entire newsletter.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jore’s Update

Members of the new Jinja class which began on September 23rd

Dear Friends,
While visiting the sick in Jinja Hopsital, Tracy (the woman in blue above) shared with several patients the story of Cain and Abel that she had just studied in our new Jinja Bible class.  Those listening asked, "But why do all the stories in the Bible talk about sin?  Why didn't God make sin end with Adam and Eve instead of passing it on to their children?"  One of those listening was a man who was near death from AIDS.  He said, "I am here today because of my great sin.  I have slept with many women and have murdered many of them by infecting them with HIV and now I am reaping the consequences of what I have done."  The man was hopeless and fully expecting to receive the fires of hell as his deserved punishment for how he had lived his life.  He asked Tracy why God created this world when He knew that we would become sinners, deserving hell.  Tracy gladly shared with him the sweet message of the grace of God.  "Jesus took the sins of the world on himself as he died on the cross; including your sins.  You can be forgiven of your sins and receive eternal life."  The man replied with excitement and relief, "I have been waiting to hear this good news," and he prayed, confessing his sins and receiving the gift of salvation that had been offered him.

Tracy is part of a new class that we started on September 23rd here in Jinja.  It is different than the first three classes in a number of ways.  This is the first class that we have started in town.  The first three classes have all been in village locations and attended by the local Basoga people.  The new class is conducted in English because it is the common language among the students.  (There are over 40 languages spoken in Uganda) There are eight languages represented among the students whose hometowns cover nearly every region of Uganda.  Jinja has many residents from other districts because there are more opportunities for employment and education here than in most villages.  So far there are 14 students attending the Jinja class.

When Jesus was choosing his disciples, he did not choose the learned Pharisees, but instead chose the common fishermen who were ‘ordinary, unschooled’ men.  In many ways, the Jinja class is also comprised of the ‘fishermen’ of Jinja.  Most of them are common workers and ‘ordinary, unschooled’ men.  It will be interesting to see how God uses this class to further his Kingdom. Please pray for the students with us, that they may grow in their understanding of the Truth, and that they will be bold in sharing their faith with others.

Meanwhile, as the class in Jinja is just beginning their 1st term (starting with the story of Creation), the Butagaya class is soon completing the 2-year Ambassador Institute program.  What will come next for those completing the training?  Reproduction has been at the core of our goals for the training program.  We are praying that among those who graduate, there will be several who feel led to begin training others in the teaching that they have received.  The Kagoma class was the first example of this as Fred (one of the Butagaya students) is now using the Ambassador Institute training there.  Fred has recently started taking another of the Butagaya students along with him to help him teach in Kagoma as he hopes to begin training in yet another location next year.  Three other students have told me that they are also planning to begin training in other locations.  Multiplication always starts slowly, but we are excited to see the beginning of it!

On the home-front, Rhoda and the kids are enjoying spending their days learning together.  Elijah especially enjoys Math and Science, while Jude loves Art and Music.  Elijah recently started piano lessons, and Jude is eager to start on the drum.  They both recently joined a gymnastics class, taught by a British woman who is here doing aid work, where they can get all of the flips and jumps out of their system each week, instead of on our couches.  Jeremiah is growing chubbier and jollier by the minute!  He sure is fun to have around.  Hannah takes her job as “big sister” quite seriously.  She would be quite happy if we gave her more one-on-one time with him, but since finding her sitting on him on a few different occasions, we keep a close eye on her.  She hasn’t caught on yet to the fact that she can’t rough house with him like she does with her big brothers!

We try to keep our blog regularly updated with pictures, so keep checking back for recent shots, even if you haven’t heard from us in awhile. You can find us at:

Thank you, friends, for standing with us and praying for us. We are so grateful for your support. We are always encouraged by your messages, so please keep them coming!

Serving Him together with you,
Nate, Rhoda, Elijah, Judah, Hannah and Jeremiah Jore

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

St. Paul’s School–AFLC India

Sushma has come from a poor Christian family.  She has completed 10th grade at St. Paul's Lutheran School, AFLC – India. 

Sushma says that when she looks back to her school days, it was by God's grace and the prayers of pastor Alvin Pinno President of AFLC Canada and founder of EECC, she could complete her studies in school and started 11th grade (Intermediate School 1st year).

When she received very good results in 10th grade she came back to the school and conveyed her thanks to each and everyone who helped her.

Our school is very proud of our kids like this who are eligible to go to higher studies in college.  So far 38 students were promoted to higher studies from school.  Praise the Lord.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Nathan Olson/Jon Nelson–Brazil

Greetings supporters and prayer partners!

clip_image002The month of September has been busy and gone by very quickly. We’ve been working in a lot of different areas and as we begin finishing our tasks here we can’t help but look back at out trip and see how quickly time has flown by.

After two months of hard work, we have finally finished our revision and publication of the Manual Evangélico for the discipleship and the training of leadership in the churches. These books will be presented at the Annual Conference here in Brazil, October 8-10. Please be in prayer for approval and for the acceptance in the local congregations. The goal of these books is to have them serve as training material in each of the AFLC (AILLB) churches here and for them to serve as lasting works for the church.

This month has also been full of work with the local congregations (youth ministry, children’s ministry and programs, church visitation and evangelism, leading in worship weekly, bible studies, etc.), which has all continued to serve as a blessing from the Lord. We have greatly enjoyed being able to get involved with the churches here and it is sad to think about leaving soon. Please continue to pray that the Lord opens doors for us to be effective in the ministry us as we press onwards. We look forward to the Holy Spirit using us for His glory in everything we do and say.

As we look forward to the future we are excited about the opportunity to have Nathan’s dad, Pastor Kevin Olson, with us for two weeks. We will be traveling and visiting churches in Curitiba, Londrina, Maringa, Campo Mourão, and in Foz Igauçu. Pastor Olson will be presenting the ministry of the Ambassador Institute in hopes of working with the local congregations here in training and discipleship of leadership. By the time that we leave Brazil, we will have visited all but two of the AFLC churches. The two exceptions being in Vitoria, which is approximately 30 - 35 hours away from where we are living.

We are also looking forward and gearing up for our trip back home to the States. After nine months here in Brazil, we will be leaving November 1st for the States with an estimated arrival date of December 9th. We will be traveling by bus through South and Central America until Mexico City and then will be flying back from Mexico City up to Minneapolis. Instead of trying to find a plane ticket around the times of the holidays, we decided to take a courageous and adventurous trip as it will be covering and crossing 14 countries. The trip has been well and thoroughly researched with a 34 page itinerary and is as safe as possible. We are going to be traveling with one of our Brazilian friends for 15 days of the journey and then seeing friends along the way (including recent AFLC seminary graduate and friend Darwin Paccha and his wife Kristen in Ecuador). Please pray that the Lord keeps us safe and all goes smoothly on our trip back.

Please also keep us in prayer as we plan on life back in the States. Both of us are going to be looking for vehicles and are looking for the Lord to open doors for that as well! If you happen to hear of a good deal on a vehicle, please consider letting us know or World Missions know.

Thanks again for remembering us in prayer! God bless!

Jon Nelson & Nathan Olson

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