Thursday, September 15, 2011

TJAbel Journal: September

Recent News:image

After a crazy time of packing all our things up and moving out of our house we finally made it back to the US in May for a year furlough. Summer seems to be slipping away so quickly, but we have been blessed to meet many of you, friends, at different
conferences and camps, retreats and churches.  Both Tamba & I have especially enjoyed being ministered to. Four years on the mission field one is mostly giving out, so it is good to have the opportunity to sit under some good teaching again.
I am also trying to read as much as possible. This year I read four books, two of them were a great blessing to my life: "A Place of Healing" by Joni Eareckson Tada and "The Hammer of God" by Bo Giertz. Besides being refreshed in our souls, we will try to refresh our financial scenario in order to be able to return to the field. Then, and only then will we be heading back to the work for which we are involved in Brazil (the church planting in Maringa, teaching at the Seminary in Campo Mourao, being on the Board of the Miriam Infant Home, running Bible Camps, etc).

Our Family:

This summer April enjoyed traveling with the Majesty Team and now is at AFLBS for her second year. Tom had the opportunity to work in the kitchen at the ARC while getting his driver's license. Now he is starting his first year at AFLBS
and his roommate is his cousin, Jed Gill from Brazil. Both April & Tom are looking for jobs. Michelle really liked all the camps and activities this summer, especially hanging out with her big sister's friends. We are homeschooling her as we
travel the US. She misses her friends in Brazil so every chance she gets, she tries to Skype with them.

Presently we are traveling to the Pacific Northwest visiting our churches and WMF rallies.  Every fourth Sunday each month we have a service meeting via Skype with our church family in Brazil.  Modern technology is a wonderful tool to keep us united and in touch! 

To see some wonderful pictures and the Abels’ prayer requests, visit their newsletter here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kvale Connection: What Happens While They Wait?

imageOften times, we refer to Bibleless peoples still waiting for God’s written word in their heart language and we explain the many years that translation can take. What is being done in the meantime? Wycliffe Bible Translators with One Story, as well as partner organizations such as Faith Comes By Hearing with listening devices, and Campus Crusade for Christ with the “JESUS” film, work to communicate God’s truth to those who will learn best by oral means while the written word is being translated and printed, and literacy programs are being developed.

In the fall of 2008, disastrous floods swept through part of India, killing thousands and affecting 30 million people. Not long before this, The Seed Company (a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate) imagepartnered with New India Evangelistic Association (NIEA), to craft oral Bible stories into nine spoken-only languages in the hard storm-hit regions of India.  During relief operations for the flood victims, oral Bible stories brought hope and salvation to many. In December, again the Word of God was shared and the “JESUS” film shown in the local language. That evening, 800 people became followers of Jesus.  Over the course of 2011, NIEA workers tramped footpaths into remote villages, bringing with them digital audio players with recorded Bible stories.  Groups gathered to listen, much
discussion took place and there were many wonderful questions to answer. Thus, the digital players become a strategic tool to explain, discuss and share with oral cultures. By September 2010, among the 8,800 people listening to the Gospel on the devices, there were 1,052 commitments to Christ. May the message be heard before the storms.

To read the rest of the Kvale’s Newsletter and know how to pray for them, please click here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello from Odessa

Here is an excerpt from Andy and Monica Coyle’s latest newsletter.  To read about the exciting plans for the Bible School and meet one of Andy’s co-workers, please visit this site to download a PDF copy.

In many ways, the similarities of this imagetime of year remind us of home. It has started to get cooler, there is a marked presence of farm machinery outside the city, and everyone in our house is “back to school” (well, maybe not Josiah!).

Our main focus these days is learning Russian. Making plans for the Bible School has been a growing priority as well. We are thankful for opportunities to get to know new people and for the new friends made.

Yesterday I returned from Kiev where I participated in my first seminar. It was a wonderful weimageekend of fellowship and learning for me. My seminar was a textual study of Romans 12:1-2. These congregational seminars are a large part of the ministry of the Youth Center, and are vital for the Church here in Ukraine (as well as other countries). Please pray for open doors and open hearts as we teach God’s Word across this land.

You can find the Coyle’s blog here:  Life with the Coyle’s.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

AFLC of India Medical Camps

imageMr.Raju is a medical doctor in Chirala who helps at Free Lutheran Medical Camps.      Irrespective of caste and creed, the AFLCI conducts free camps in many villages where there are Free Lutheran Congregations.  Many villages do not have hospitals so villagers have many problem when they are sick.  These mobile clinics help them to sustain their health.
imageThese camps  provide medicines to poor sick people in villages freely.  AFLCI is always thankful to her sister organization AFLC in Canada for supporting these mobile medical camps and also thankful to AFLC US World Missions for supporting Dr.Raju so that he is able to conduct camps in many villages.

imageThese photos were recently taken when Dr. Raju conducted camps.  Dr.Raju works for AFLCI for a full 20 days each month and the rest of the month he spends in his own clinic and with his family.  Please keep this ministry in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Faces, Old Hearts

Here is a teaser from Jonni’s September newsletter.  To read the whole letter, please click here.

imageSeptember - right in the middle of the year, is really a time of beginnings. Summer slips away as a new season enters. School starts up again with all kinds of excitement and challenges. Here in the Miriam Home it is a time for change too. The weather is starting to warm up (it’s sad to say but I will probably be complaining about the heat in no time), the children are able to run and play almost to their hearts content (they have school too) because the rains have passed, and we have some new friends in the house!

Samuel has actually been with us for several weeks, but it is the first chance I have had to introduce him. This precious young man is eight years old and has won the hearts of everyone in the house. He is a typical little boy; he chases the older girls in the house with worms, loves to tell riddles (most of which make no sense to an adult gringa) and gives and receives hugs and cuddles from his “aunties” all day. Visiting with Samuel it is hard to imagine why he is in The Miriam Home. I would love to tell you that our little boy is here because of a temporary situation in his family, but the reality is much sadder. Samuel is the oldest of three children, and the “dad” in the family today is not the father of any of the children. Samuel’s mother loves her children but has little control of her own life. She recently found out that she is imageHIV+ (praise the Lord, none of her children are). She has moved frequently and always seems to be on the edge of falling apart. In an attempt to provide an opportunity for her son, Samuel’s mother sent him to live with her sister so he could go to school. It sounded good at the time, but during a period of six months the child was abused twice; once at the school he was going to, once by a neighbor of the aunt. The juvenile court is investigating the case. For something like this to happen once is awful, for it to happen twice in a short amount of time requires serious questions.

In the mean time Samuel is in a safe place where he knows he can sleep in peace and play without worrying about who is watching him!