Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missionary Death in Mexico

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." Ps. 116:15

image"Missionary Nancy Davis has gone to Heaven as a martyr…This afternoon, after 38 years of missionary service she paid the ultimate sacrifice." an online post read on Thursday after Mrs. Davis was killed on Wednesday, January 26.

AFLC missionary Todd Schierkolk has been in communication with World Missions giving us information on this incident.  Todd shared this link if you want to learn more about what happened and about the Davis’ ministry. Todd also shared that a Twila Paris song has been running through his mind after he heard about the situation.  The song is “He is No Fool” and is about missionaries Jim Elliot and Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire fame). Here are the lyrics:

There once was a man born of high circumstance
Heir to advantage,
He had every chance to succeed
But light from the cross made his dreams appear small
And to their surprise he went far--from it all
For the love of his Savior, for one priceless jewel
They could not understand so they called him a fool



He is no fool If he would choose
To give the thing he cannot keep
To buy what he can never lose
To see a treasure in one soul
That far outshines the brightest gold

He is no fool, He is no fool
He is no fool, He is no fool

There once was a boy who could run like the wind
Given to lead, every man was his friend at the line
But light from the cross made his race appear small
And to their amazement, he followed the call
For the love of his Savior, for one priceless jewel
They could not understand so they called him a fool
Show me the fool who abandons his life
To walk in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ

We ask for fervent prayer cover for our own AFLC missionaries in this area of Mexico and all missionaries, and prayers for comfort for the family and friends of Nancy Davis. We stand on the promise of God that His Word will not return void but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purposes for which He sent it. Amen and Amen.


Student Missions

clip_image002Student missions will be leading another international outreach this year. The 2011 ministry will take place in Ecuador from July 24 to August 17. The team, led by Sam & Rachel Menge, will be working with Pastor Darwin & Kristen Paccha taking part in the Summer Youth Institute.

More information can be found on the AFLC Youth Website.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trips to Brazil

clip_image002A special support team will be traveling to Brazil March 11–30. Pastor Del Palmer, Paul Handsaker and Glenn Mork will lead risk assessment sessions on the field with the missionaries and national staff . The goal is to identify and reduce areas of risk and develop specific plans in case of a major problem.

Connely 07 b (Medium)Also in March Pastor Mark Olson will be the main speaker at the Bible Camp in Campo Mourao.

Pastors Connely Dyrud, Craig Johnson and Loiel Dyrud will also visit Brazil in mid March. Connely will be teaching seminars at the Bible School and Seminary in Campo Mourao. Loiel and Craig will be traveling and collecting information for a book that is being written on the AFLC’s history in Brazil.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lutheran Ambassador is on Facebook!


If you want to find out what the AFLC is all about, check out our monthly magazine, The Lutheran Ambassador…now on Facebook!  The January edition is about the Pious Life ~ A Spiritual Life Movement.

“Those that profess themselves to be Christ’s are known not only by what they say but also by what they practice.” ~Ignatius

You will find the various articles posted and when you click on the title of the article you will be able to read the entire article! 

imageIn Pastor Jim Johnson’s article entitled Positively Pious, piety is described as “that movement among Lutherans that emphasizes the personal experience of salvation, Bible study, prayer, revival, missions.”  Check out the entire article for a better understanding of what it means to live out your Christian life to the fullest!


You will also find information about the various departments of the AFLC and be blessed by devotional articles.  If you would like to receive the Ambassador magazine through regular mail, go here to subscribe.

“Thought should be given to a more extensive use of the Word of God among us…The more at home the Word of God is among us, the more we shall bring about faith and its fruits.” ~Philip Jacob Spener in Pia Desideria

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jonni Sliver


Jonni is continuing to visit churches, share about the Miriam Infant Home and raise support as she waits for the release of her visa for Brazil.  They have now asked for her airline itinerary which seems to be the last step.  Pray that she will soon have her visa.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MTI Students



This year four MTI students will be supporting ministries in Brazil and Alaska.


imageimageBeginning in February Kathryn Norris, Jeremiah Jones and Bryan Bohl will be traveling to Brazil, taking part in the Cross Cultural Track. At the same time Josiah Rolf will join the AFLC ministry in Alaska to serve in the Aviation Track.

Missions Conference Videos Posted

imageMissionary Jonathan Abel from Brazil has been speaking at the annual Missions conference at AFLBS the past 3 days.  Sunday night he spoke on “The Mission”.  Monday night’s topic was “Do You Love God?”.  Pastor Abel also spoke at Tuesday morning chapel on the topic of “Tools That Work” using texts in Matthew and Romans.  Tuesday he spoke about “A Life That Impacts the World”.   Check out videos of these sessions here.  Please pray for the last sessions tonight and at chapel tomorrow morning that hearts may be open to God’s calling and seeds planted for future missionaries!

Jonathan and Tamba Abel have been serving AFLC World Missions in Brazil since 1992 and are currently serving a new work in Maringa in the state of Parana.  The family intends to begin a year long furlough in Spring of 2011.  For more information on the Abel family and how you an be praying for them click here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AFLC Schools Mission Conference 2011

“Pray the Lord of the harvest that He would send forth laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:38

Participants at “The Mission~2011” have been blessed by Missionary Jonathan Abel from Brazil, Rev. Del Palmer, and Rev. Charles Lundquist the past two evenings.  It is not too late to come and be blessed and inspired to find the place God has for you to fulfill the Great Commission.

Rev. Jonathan Abel will be speaking again tonight at 7:30 pm, January 25th and Thursday, January 27th as well as at  AFLBS morning chapels those two days. 

Special Presentations will begin at 6:30 pm each of these evenings:   Tuesday - 25th: AFLC Short Term Missions / Ambassador Institute, Mr. Nathan Olson
Thursday - 27th: AFLC Home Missions, Mr. Lavon Bohling

Association Free Lutheran Schools Chapel
3120 E. Medicine Lake Blvd., Plymouth, MN 55441
For more information, please call 763.544.9501 or 877.23.AFLBS or email
Directions to our campus may be found on our website at

Missionary Candidates


Brent Raan and Emily Walker are now missionary candidates. They will be married on June 11, 2011 and Brent will attend AFLTS before they receive their call to the field.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Short Term Missions Assistants

clip_image002Jim & Cindy Lilly will be making a short term trip to Ecuador in February, their first step as AFLC Missionaries. They have had a heart for missions for many years and planned to do part time ministry when Jim retired. The Lillys’ future plan is to be AFLC missionaries on loan to World Missions Prayer League working in Ecuador.



Cassie Nash has been accepted to work with an orphanage in Haiti. Her vision is to develop transitional homes for the young people leaving the orphanage and moving toward adult life. She is hoping to join the ministry in mid-February.

clip_image002[6]Hans Taner will be assisting Nate Jore in Uganda on a short term basis in the interim between AFLBS and more schooling. Hans’ heart desire is to follow God’s leading every step. Today he is praying for God to raise up a second man who will be able to partner with him in this endeavor.

clip_image002[8]Andrew Abel is serving in Brazil developing a promotional DVD for the various ministries being done in the country. This may develop into ongoing short term assignments to produce similar DVDs for each of our fields. Andrew will graduate from Northwestern College spring of 2011.


Jacob O’Flanagon is on short term assignment in Brazil. He arrived in December and will be serving on the Bible School campus in Campo Mourao until March. He is using his practical skills and servant heart to support the school with maintenance and ground keeping.




Nathan Olson, back from Brazil, is continuing his short term service.  He is developing material for the Ambassador Institute and fulfilling some final college requirements. Nathan’s next step will be to enter AFLTS this fall.




Jon Nelson has returned from short term service in Brazil and is at home in Kalispell MT. Jon is praying over several possibilities for future ministry including full time youth work and AFLTS.



clip_image002[16]Justo Pillman has taken a year or two off from mission service as he prepares for and marries Patricia Ballman (the wedding is planned for March, 19, 2011). They are seeking God’s direction; as they are pursuing a call to AFLC Missions but the field they will serve is still uncertain at this time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Andy and Monica Coyle


The Coyles have accepted a missionary call and to be AFLC Missionaries on loan to Eastern European Missions Network. They will be teaching at the Bible School in Odesa, Ukraine

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ambassador Institute

clip_image002Pastor Kevin Olson and Glenn Mork participated the first graduation of Uganda’s Ambassador Institute Class in Uganda. Led by Nate Jore, the students have now completed the certificate level and will be passing on what they have learned.

clip_image002[4]This year the Ambassador Institute will be providing supplemental pastoral training for AFLC pastors in India. Pastors Kevin Olson, Jim Rassmussen, Al Pinno will be among the teachers; bringing pastoral tools and encouragement to church leaders.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jonathan and Tamba Abel


Jonathan will be the main speaker for the AFLBS World Missions Conference, Jan. 23-25, 27.  He will also share at AFLBS chapel services on Jan. 25th and 27th.

Jonathan and Tamba will also begin a year long furlough in the spring of 2011.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paul and Becky Abel


Paul and Becky came home for an eight month furlough in 2010. They had a very full schedule, visiting many churches and returned to Brazil on December 27th.

Remember them in your prayers as they have very busy schedules in the days ahead.


The AFLC and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Uganda have decided to work separately. The decision was made so that each can pursue their varying goals.

Seminary Missions Class


The Association Free Lutheran Seminary held classes on AFLC missions Jan 10-14.  The classes focused on the history and ministries of AFLC World Missions. The classes were taught by Del Palmer, Connely Dyrud, Kevin Olson, Jonni Sliver and others.

Tomasz & Miriam Chmiel

clip_image002Tomasz & Miriam recently resigned from Eastern European Missions Network. That means they are no longer missionaries on loan with the AFLC. They are currently working with a new ministry called Josiah Venture and support can be sent to:

Josiah Venture

Acct # 82041

P.O. Box 4317

Wheaton Il, 60189

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Ambassador Institute Inquiry


The latest Ambassador Institute Inquiry is out.  It is formatted to be easily read and inserted into your church bulletin.

Click here to read.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jacob O’Flanagan

Jacob editedI wanted to send off another update to every body and wish you all a happy new year. Thinking back a little bit it amazes me all the things that God has brought me through just in this last year alone.

I started off the year at Bible School finishing up my classes for MTI.

Then in February I went on my MTI internship to KAKN radio station in Naknek Alaska where I was able to work with Brian Davidson and Jeff Swanson. After I got back from Alaska I started talking with Del Palmer about going to Brazil and getting things started for that. I spent my summer working at Camp Phillips Scout Reservation, a Boy Scout camp about 20 minutes from my house. And in the fall I worked in a warehouse helping store the potato harvest, while finishing preparations to go to Brazil. And now, I have been in Brazil for about two months and God has been faithfully answering the prayers for energy, connections and language.

Thank you all for your prayers,

Happy 2011,


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jonni Sliver–January Update


“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Pr 16:9  Praise the Lord, He knows the beginning from the end and I can trust His end! Therefore if my plan and His direction take divergent paths - I will follow His lead!

“The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will.” Pr. 21:1 If God directs kings and potentates, I can trust Him to lead . . .

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