Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring WMF Rallies

Spring WMF Rallies are in full spring. Many of the districts in the AFLC are now having their Spring WMF Rallies. The rallies bring women together to focus on missions and how they can be a part of spreading the gospel.

This one at Faith, SD was held last weekend. World Missions Director Del Palmer was the morning speaker.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Prayer and Praise in Jerez


This is a picture of our Kid’s Club in Frente Popular. There are about 70 kids that will show up at one time or another and the Club has been a big encouragement to us. Please pray for the kid’s and their families.


Please pray for a 14-year-old girl who has been in our youth group and attending church for several years. Dan has done a lot of hard, patient work over the last couple years with her dad but he hasn’t been walking with the Lord for a while now. A little over a month ago her dad was on drinking binge and she “escaped” from the house and moved in with a friend.

She came to let us know where she was and we invited her to stay with us until things cooled down at home. But she said she was fine and would come to church herself since she was only 4 blocks away and that she’d be at the youth group meeting as well. She didn’t show up. I went and found her and told her we’d plan on picking her up the next Sunday. She popped in late for our youth meeting on Saturday but wasn’t around on Sunday when we stopped by to take her to the worship service.

We went by again the next Sunday and called out for her. A friend came and told us she wasn’t there . . . she was now living with her husband. I said there must be some mistake because the girl I was talking about was only 14 and I had just seen her the week before and she wasn’t married then. “It’s the same girl” I was told.

Well, friends, I’ve felt like I got kicked in the stomach and had the wind knocked out of me because of that and a couple other things recently. So we’re appreciating your prayers for all of us down here these days.

Blessings in Christ,

Todd Schierkolk

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Holy Week Celebrations in Brazil

We pray that Jesus would continually manifest His great love and power in your lives. Easter is a time for remembering...a time for thanking...a time for celebrating Jesus' victory on the cross. It's also a time to be strengthend as we reflect on what Christ's ressurection means for those who trust Him today -"we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us ." May your fellowship with Him and with other believers be special this Easter!

Our celebration began last weekend with the presentation of our outdoor Passion Play at the ARCA. This year we had 70 people in the cast and about 500 spectators. The weather was beautiful and it was a wonderful way for us to relive some scenes from Jesus' life and ministry, culminating in His death on the cross and His glorious ressurection from the dead! Hallelujah! Wed., Thurs. and Fri. the choir from Curitiba presented an Easter cantata in three of our four churches which was also a special time of remembering and worship. Easter will be another celebration day as we meet for worship once again.

Paul and Becky Abel

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kevin Olsons Accepted as Missions Candidates

Pastor Kevin and Pam Olson have been accepted as Missions Candidates. The Olsons served as short term missionaries for nine months at Waama Bible School in Tanzania last year.

After their return God has increased their burden to reach the lost around the world for Christ. Kevin desires to train pastoral leaders who could then train pastors in their own cultural setting.

“The things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” 1 Tim. 2:2

Friday, April 07, 2006

Andy Coyles Approved as Missions Candidates

Andy and Monica Coyle applied to the AFLC World Missions Committee to become missions candidates. The World Missions Committee approved their application and they are now listed as candidates to become AFLC missionaries.

The Coyles have been committed to missions for a number of years. They have both been on numerous missions trips with Eastern European Missions Network (EEMN).

Andy is in his second year at The Association Free Lutheran Seminary. Monica has been working for EEMN.

It is not clear at this point if God will lead them to be AFLC missionaries or missionaries on loan to EEMN.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AFLBS Choir on Missions Trip in Europe

Missionary Tim Hinrichs sends the following report.

The Choir arrived last Friday afternoon in time for the first concert in Drogomysl. On Saturday we were able to take them around the region of Cieszyn and show them the campus of our Bible school. It was a meaningful time for us as we shared the great needs for Poland and the struggles of our Bible school and we all gathered together for prayer in our largest classroom for a time of prayer. What a great encouragement that was for us! Finally, in the late afternoon, the choir travelled to nearby Skoczow where they sang a concert to a nearly full church and many youth! In fact, Skoczow has the most active youth group that I know of in the Lutheran Church of Poland. After the concert most of the youth stayed after to get to know the choir members. It was such good fellowship, that the youth didn't want to let them go!
On Sunday morning they travelled to the 300 year old "mother" church in Cieszyn called "The Jesus Church." They were able to sing a few numbers in the middle of the traditional liturgical service which alone was quite a cross-cultural experience. In the afternoon they met in Wisla, 30 miles away where they sang for a packed church of over 400 people! What a blessing it was to see the impact the choir members had on those in the audience - the joy was infectious. We were especially surprised by the fact that a few people raised their hands in response to the call to receive Christ. After the concert there was a reception and the pastor was telling me how much of a blessing it is to see young people who are so enthusiastic for the Lord. It was a great testimony for the young people here.
The Polish leg of the tour ended on Monday with a day trip to Auschwitz and Krakow. I guess the highlight for Renata and myself was seeing the choir sing in the main square in Krakow. After the first number a crowd had gathered and they wanted more. After the second number more were there - probably 40 people. They ended up singing a mini-concert!
To be honest, I was expecting great concerts from the choir but I was surprised by something more: the ministry of their music, words, and joy. And this ministry was not only to those they met at the concerts and the people they met, but the choir was an encouragement to ME and our Bible school ministry here!

Letter of Call Sent to Tomasz Chmiels

The World Missions Committee voted to send Tomasz and Miriam Chmiel a letter of call to be missionaries. Tomasz and Miriam will be loaned to Eastern European Mission Network (EEMN). They will then serve as missionaries in Ukraine, where they will work in youth ministry and leadership training.

For more information about the Chmiels please click on this sentence and you will be linked to their EEMN website.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Letter of Call Sent to Nate Jores

The Nate Jores are nearing the end of their intership in Minot and have now been cleared to accept a call.

Over the weekend the World Mission Committee met with them. Following the interview the Committee voted to send the Jores a call to serve as AFLC missionaries in Uganda.

If the Jores accept the call they will be ordained and commissioned at the AFLC Annual Conference on June 23. Following their commissioning they will be raising funds and then embarking to Uganda.