Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Ambassador Inquiry-Part 5

Editor’s note: This is the 5th and final part of a multiple part series from the Summer Ambassador Institute Newsletter. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and part 4 here.


imageThere will be some significant adjustments to the Pillman and the
Paccha families this summer. Both Justo and Patricia Pillman and Darwin and Kirsten Paccha are expecting their second child this summer.  In the midst of that transition, Darwin will be busy getting ready to start the new school, Aletheia, this September.  They are praying 10 students to start this first year with.

You can see a YouTube video in English for the school here.


Curriculum Second Edition

imageThe six books of the Oral Bible Study curriculum have been edited into a new second edition. The purpose of this second edition was to ensure clear references to Jesus in all of the lessons, to strengthen the Law and Gospel distinctions and to enhance the references to Lutheran doctrine.

Orality Training

imageSeveral churches in the AFLC have effectively used the oral style of training for adult studies, youth group, confirmation and even children’s ministry. If there is an interest in using an
oral style of training in your church, contact Pastor Kevin Olson at the following e-mail or address:

Ambassador Institute
3110 E. Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441

Ambassador Institute Website

(763) 412-2029

You can have your own PDF copy of this Summer Inquiry here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Ambassador Inquiry-Part 3

Editor’s note:  This is part 3 of a multiple part series from the Summer Ambassador Institute Newsletter.  You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

A life Changed

imageTracy was born into a wealthy Muslim home in Jinja, Uganda. Her father was well known in all of Uganda because of the mosques that he had built and the support that he had given. In her home they followed Islam strictly, praying and reading the Quran all the time. Her father had several wives and he died when Tracy was young. Her mother left her to be raised by her step-mothers, so she grew up without a father and always looking for the love of a mother. Life was hard in those early years.

Her half brothers and sisters also mistreated her, since she didn’t have anyone to stand up in her defense. When it came to paying school fees, she was the last to receive money for tuition and didn’t learn how to read. In 6th grade, at age twelve, she was raped by her step-brother and became pregnant and delivered a boy, Zion, at age thirteen. Life had been hard living under her stepmothers but it became even more difficult as a single mother, with no income, food or home of her own, with a baby to care for.

A Catholic priest offered to pay for her tuition at a food production course that required at least a 10th grade education. By the grace of God, she was accepted into the course. After that, she was hired by a Christian missionary family to help with the cooking and work around home. They promised to pay for her college education, but after many years, they told her that they had lied. At that moment she felt like it would be better to go back to Islam, but the Holy Spirit kept encouraging her and assuring her that she had a greater destiny. Soon after that, she met Nate and Rhoda Jore and began a relationship with them and helped them.  That was the first time that she saw what real Christians were like.

Stay tuned for information about India tomorrow.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Ambassador Inquiry-Part 2

Editor’s Note:  This is part 2 of a multiple part series om the newest Ambassador Institute news.  You can find part 1 here.


imageNate and Rhoda Jore are making adjustments in their work.

  • In January, four Ugandans started overseeing the ministry.
  • In February, Luke Erickson joined Micah Berger as a Short-Term Assistant.
  • In March, they held a teachers training class for 25
    graduates who would like to teach others.
  • In April, they held a prayer and fasting overnight with the ministry team.
  • In May, Andrew Olson joins the Short-Term Assistants to work with the translation of the curriculum into Luganda.
  • In June, Luke Erickson returns and Katelyn Gudim and
    Courtney Jacobson arrive as Short-Term Assistants.
  • In July, the Youth Ministry Student Missions Team will be
    arriving with Brandon Marschner and 9 other students for two
  • In August, Andrew will be returning home to attend seminary.
  • In October, Lydia Schierkolk and Ruth Peterson will be arriving
    as Short-Term Assistants for 9 months.

All of that, besides working with the ministry team, the teachers, the new classes and their own five kids. There will be some adjustments, but by God’s grace things continue to move forward. Please pray for these opportunities.

imageOne of the projects for the summer will be the translation of the curriculum into other languages. As the training has grown, there have been multiple requests to translate the curriculum,
including Luo and Swahili.

Tracy always had a desire to know God and had attended church but didn’t really have any knowledge of the Bible. When the new Ambassador Institute class was started in Jinja, she was quick to join and faithful to attend. The stories of the Bible were coming alive to her and she was learning how the prophecies of the Old Testament were fulfilled in the New Testament. She learned that the prophecy of God to the serpent in Genesis 3 was fulfilled
on the cross and although Jesus was crucified, Satan was defeated! Previously, she would read the Bible and not understand anything, but in the classes, the Bible started to make sense and have meaning like it never had before. She says, “Now I understand the Word of God. I understand what it means to me. I understand how much God loves and cares for us. I understand the love of Christ.  Now I can explain the Bible to people.”

imageTracy compares her life to that of Joseph in Genesis. Her life has not been easy. She was nothing, but now she knows that she is a daughter of the King. She shares the stories of the Bible at home and is watching God change them. Recently, her husband, Jacob began leading a Bible study in their home. They have joy and peace that they have not had in the past. Communication, forgiveness and love has begun to grow in their home. She has been able to leave the burdens of life with the Lord rather than trying to carry them on her own.  She says, “It begins by giving God the first place in our hearts, in our homes and in our relationships.”

This past January, Tracy completed the two-year Ambassador Institute training. Now she is an exciting part of the ministry team.

Stay tuned for more about Tracy tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God Is Good!

Editor’s note:  The following is part of the Coyle’s Newsletter for May which can be found here in it’s entirety.  The photo below is the 2013 Graduating Class with EEMN Director Bill Moberly.

imageAs we sought to begin the International Bible School-Petrodolina, you prayed. As nine students enrolled into the first year program, you prayed. Through the ups and downs of this past year, you prayed. Dear friends, we now get to share with you new and exciting news. The Lutheran Church here in Ukraine has unanimously passed an agreement with EEMN regarding the future growth and development of the school. This agreement outlines details regarding the formation of a school board, curriculum development, and the building of an official Bible School building. We are thankful for our Presidium as they prayerfully and carefully went through this agreement along with EEMN director Pastor Bill Moberly. We would like to include a brief excerpt from the Moberlys’ recent update.

“Bill also had an important meeting with the GELCU Bishop and Presidium midweek. The goal was passing a new agreement establishing the International Bible School Board of Directors, which opens the door to actively planning for the next needed building, and planning for a second year of Bible School. Our board, the Coyles and our partners in Ukraine would not have imagined a unanimous vote by the Presidium three months ago, but that is what happened on Thursday, May 16! Bill is on the Board, and will take part in the first Bible School Board meeting, sign the agreement, and start planning for 2013-2014 school year when we return to Ukraine June 19.”

We are praising God that he has opened the door for further development with this school. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. 

Summer Furlough
It is hard to believe that we will be returning to the States for the summer in just a few days. We plan to leave Odessa May 23, overnighting in Vienna, and then landing in Minneapolis at 5pm on Friday. We are thrilled at the possibility of seeing many of you, and sharing with you what God has done as well as the vision for the future development of the International Bible School-Petrodolina. Please pray for us as we travel and as we culturally re-adjust. Pray also that these news months can be a physically and spiritually refreshing time for our family.

In His Grace,
Andy, Monica, Moriah, Isaiah and Josiah

“I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;  I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens;  your faithfulness reaches to the skies.”  Psalm 57:9-10

Summer Ambassador Inquiry-Part 1

Editor’s Note:  For the next several days, we will be posting information from the Summer Ambassador Inquiry Newsletter.



  • In Brazil, there is a new leader of the school.
  • In Ecuador, training will happen in cell group Bible Studies.
  • In Ukraine, an additional year will be added to the training.
  • In India, the Chirala class can now meet in the new building.
  • In Uganda, there are 25 new teachers to be trained and new
    classes to start.

Missions require flexibility and constant adjustments, it is the way forward. We just finished editing the second edition of the six semester curriculum. Now, the edits need to be translated into the five languages. We also need to fill the position that Dr. Monseth held on the Ambassador Institute board.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1


Dr. Monseth will be missed in so many ways. He served on the Ambassador Institute board since it began in 2007. He was involved in editing the curriculum, setting policies and monthly input at the committee meetings. He was also Pastor Kevin Olson’s advisor for the PhD in International Development from William Carey International University. The Lord used him to change lives.

God’s Supply

We were very close to our budget in 2012 and we pray that the Lord will continue to provide according to His riches. Several individuals support the ministry monthly with automatic payments.

One side project has been the sale of computer laptops and other miscellaneous computer equipment that we receive. Dell Latitude D630 laptops are available for $100, if you or your church needs one give us a call or e-mail. We seek to help ministries through this project.

Stay Tuned for more tomorrow!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Travel to India

20130520_115228_3 (Medium)

A number of people are traveling to India for ministry and the dedication of their new building.  Those traveling include AFLC President Eldon and Faith Nelson, AFLC Canada President Al Pinno, World Mission Director Del and Karen Palmer, former World Mission Director Gene Enderlein, and Ambassador Institute Department Head Kevin and Pam Olson.

Please be in prayer for those traveling.  Pray for effective ministry, health and travel.

The Palmers will travel on to Uganda before returning for the AFLC Annual Conference.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Vacation Bible School Projects

Del PalmerMany Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible School's have a mission emphasis as a part of their program.  Below,  you will find several ideas that will engage students in missions.  You'll also find resources you can download or view to help you share the project with the students.

India and Uganda

Nate JoreMany people around the world learn best orally.  Sometimes there are very few books and especially Bibles in their native language.  We have been using a device called the MegaVoice to help them learn God's Word in their mother tongue.  The Scriptures and Bible lessons are placed on the solar powered MegaVoice and they memorize the Word of God from the device.

Each MegaVoice costs approximately $30.00.  Challenge your Sunday school or VBS to give as many as they can.

Click here to watch a video about Mega Voice

Sanitary Toilet for Church and Parsonage in India

India toiletRecently on a trip to India we visited a village just after the rain.  We were informed that the rain causes much sickness because the sewage and drinking water mix.  After the church service we were shown the toilet facilities for the church and parsonage.  They consisted of a small area with a tarp around it for privacy.  We were told, "This is an example of the type of thing that causes sickness."  Then they asked if we would pray for the funds to build a sanitary toilet for the church and parsonage.

A sanitary toilet for this church will cost $850.00

View our newly released video on the AFLC work in India by clicking here.

Miriam Infant Home in Brazil

Children at Miriam Infant HomeThe Miriam Infant Home in Brazil takes care of children that have been displaced from their homes.  While in the home they experience Christian love and hear about Jesus.

Industrial Washer and Dryer
The home is in need of an industrial clothes washer and dryer.  These machines will help keep the clothes and bedding clean for the children.  The total cost for these two items is $2,500.00

Kitchen Equipment
The home is also in need of kitchen equipment to cook food for the children.  The cost for the needed pots and utensils is $500.00.

Click here to view a video which includes a segment on the Miriam Infant Home.


Mexican childrenOne of our ministries in Mexico reaches out to children.  At Christmas time we like to give the children Christmas boxes to show the love of Christ.  This Christmas boxes include printed material that explains the Gospel.  Each box costs $5.00.  We have set a goal of 100 boxes for this Christmas.

To watch a video of the Schierkolks ministry in Mexico which includes segments on their ministry to children click here.


VBS - BiblesThe Word of God, specifically the Gospel is the primary means that God uses to create and strengthen faith in peoples lives. Therefore, it is important that people have the World of God in their language to read and ponder. Every one of our mission fields can benefit from Bibles to give to people who do not have them.

Sunday Schools and VBS's have been motivated to give Bibles to people who don't have them. Pick out a country and encourage your students to give the Word of God to those who don't have it.