Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Jonni Sliver Newsletter – October 2014

imageIt’s the Girls Turn
In the last two months we have seen two groups of sib-lings return to their families, two teen-agers run away (both returned to their families) and one young lady came for two days, on her way to a recuperation program for drug addicts (you can imagine she brought a little excitement to the house). During the last year we have almost constantly had 20 or more children in the house, and in August we had 25; suddenly we had 7! Can you imagine the silence?

The quiet only lasted a little while. Before I sent out the September letter three ones joined us: Yasmin (4 years old), Stefani (3 years old) and Mateus (1 year). It actually took us a little while to find out the children’s whole story.

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