Wednesday, October 08, 2014

KVALE CONNECTION PRAYER LETTER -September 2014 - Supporting Missionaries in Bible Translation with Information Technology

Steve KvalesMisconception, Interpretation, or Conditioning?
As you think about your view of God, was it first shaped by the Word of
God? Maybe like most people, your view of God was shaped in your mind
based on relationships in your life or rules you had to follow or what love
looked like to you. Some of that was hopefully a healthy setting for you
and, sadly, sometimes many of us experience things that are very far from
the character of God and then we allow Satan to attach that thinking or
experience to our view of God. Until people come into our path that help
peel away our misconceptions, interpretations,  or conditioning with
satisfying morsels of truth, we can walk around labeling God, ourselves
and others until we have created a rut under the soles of our feet.
It rains and then we try to figure out how to escape the muddy mess
the enemy loves to continually mucky-up. The grace of God is so
beyond us. His Holy Spirit very capably renews our minds through: the truth of His Word we read for ourselves, those who will share it with us, and those who will pray for us and with us. We can do the same for others. We pray for those without God’s Word or truth bearers near-by. God’s true character is so satisfying!

September 2014 brings us to anticipation of the Fall New Testament
celebrations unveiled and testimonials that humble us.
September for our family, brings us to: Lenaya turning 16 and
driving! Neli beginning her Senior year and graduating! Steve
and Glenda beginning their 25th year of marriage and eight years
serving with Wycliffe-USA! He holds our every moment in time!

IT Begins Rollout of New Software System
As Wycliffe continues to work to both sustain and increase the number of missionaries, financial resources and intercessors committed to the work of Bible translation, many of the software systems required to administer these resources have reached a tipping point of obsolescence and instability. Good stewardship now requires that they be replaced. The opportunity for increased efficiency, reduced costs and capacity growth
promises great dividends.

Beginning this month, our IT department will begin to implement
features of a new software system called Workday. The first phase of
the software rollout will take approximately nine to 12 months to implement, with the first benefits realized by our Human Resources
team. Workday will serve our staff by assisting with benefits, tax and
payroll information, performance reviews, expense tracking and even
timekeeping. The system is cloud-based and offers a mobile application
for staff convenience.

Your prayers will be appreciated as this phase begins and how Steve
is utilized for this project over the next year. Praying through roadblocks,
scheduling conflicts, technical difficulties and communication
set-backs is key. We also pray and trust the Lord for wisdom, unity,
blending of one another’s professional assets and the desire to glorify
God in it all. We are very excited about enabling global connections!

Prayer Requests
• For the Tolaki people of Indonesia as they become more familiar
with God’s Word in their own language since February 2014 and shed misconception about God, who He is and also shed strongholds of darkness.
• For the Wycliffe IT team as they meet each morning to pray regarding
the up-coming projects and all that needs God’s guiding hand and affirming Spirit.
• For continued stamina for Steve, and health & safety for all of us.
• For Jason in goals, dreams, work, and exact place to live.
• For Neli in her Senior year of High School, choices & peace.
• For Lenaya in 10th grade & 16!
• For VBS kids wanting more of Jesus in their lives.
• For Glenda in the victories of joy each day and the compassion
she shares for wounded women.
• Praise God for the Tolaki NT going forth and the hymns of
praise they are singing!

• Praise God for truth that heals.
• Praise God for decisions made on the next software project.
• Praise God for prayer warriors we sadly lost recently. May their
testimonies live in our hearts.